Saturday, 18 June 2016

As like a board in a night of hearts


                 Jill like to wear a balzac and blazer by the time she was twenty-two she'd read most of Thomas the mighty latin Aquino she was heart-bound to hear hearing his psalm at the altar of their prayer.she was Mona's right hand, Ooon. the plaything of gods and hen. A chicken cooped up the flocks of Jerusalem and feather. No better than another her god weaving cocoon. A neurologist knew better a numerologist heard this thoroughgoing

  Mona's half a skate and her back.
          but plenty too by the age of 19 she'd absorbed the main tenets of philosophy housing it in her shack of a head and bounteous it was. Her maiden shame a garnery of  tric-trac substance, appearance, essence, idea, thing in it-self, and O Essene and dead river rolling paper around its tucksome base. Inventor of words and mace. Her fisty wielding the cocatoo of dreaming the savage birds burden.

This, is how it goes. Some how it going the as like a board cramming the knight of spades the club of hearts and knock knees to relent in a disarming garden.


Thursday, 19 May 2016



 there is no word like the real. a little bit of the outside.

 Jill called it Pragmantics. Combine the real/le vrai varia

 avec the actual. Anyhow.

 So Mona breathed and sighed and read stories to her whild.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

are ye


Are you pumped up Miss 3rd person?

I probly'am     ~.

a soothsaying persona and a citation fictation to umber thunder your shoot . and tell.


.. Jill has


  Jill has a  hesitation about being and nothing so she collapses into both! both? what kinda gripe's that? do you hold hands in the dark black hole?

a coem! a few word. something to rink about as the caubeen's empty and the riot's in progress.a riotous beauty bucklingthe  fright

of her bare boaty. a boaty a coat flapping in the breeze, your fragments of grasp to do and love.

so the'n,   So   here           ~        .


Saturday, 16 April 2016

But Mona had ...


|| signal wave  ~  blurring in  that radio second phrase over air-wave

 t'was my uncle uncole mon oncle ecole what studied with Deleuze attending the lectures at Vincennes
            not i  not i                                       no   t                I   ,   but ever' thing is fiction    

 but Mona had a kitchen a  one of love a dig glove her above her kitchen cove her coven of love 
        l                 o                                         v                             i          nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn   '

Was her secret especially wishes of giving the unconscious freight the gift of fu_k? the repressed trace not other to its southerN geese and North heading     ~  the hill tops the hillows of desire

               ~ no tthe capture machine of government state church and army hitmen hildalgos


Saturday, 9 April 2016


Have at you   ? have you been a body?


 we'll return to this




 we'll find books and machines but what machines are mouths, klaxons, even,

             our mouths of desire,                                         m       o                   u     t         h      ~


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jill got the hooey-hooey


     Jill got  with a lot of women. After having. She leapt with a dozen of'em. it was animism first class. before her face was torn by cruel lockers, empty basements, and pew fucking powerful mink money can't buy me love monikers.

  Is that what she did? She did and him was , he was here with her, there. you see?  They were tons of loving lips kissing pussy. She learned to love the pussy that loved her back her breasts. Her back became the smooth sheen of her greasy green self. Her other odour sniffed  the changing shift of her gown, age breaking across its once smooth surface.

She was bye-bye sexual to the empty core of her Eve's apple.
           her applet! her bare buttock!
                          her wrought odd fake taste for Amen.

Jill was born two way to the sun its gypping teeth bringing down nothing but love' little dirty body. the southern coarse cross the leaves swept under the carpet the harriers holding down and the wood leaning high and over

She was a citizen grape . you might say.

_____________________ When the centaur came she went with him: he was three : her inventor he overlord becoming.
A metamorphosis of paen one thing becoming another as it works the mingling  of O that woman man became a woman again a back to her furthering .

She was she was she He    ~.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

No odds


'it makes no odds to it' 'to them' 'to you to her to I' your body Mona,

                                a zebra of zany strip of black and white zoning the temperate hour

flexing your muscles O centaur of the valley

  over the internet trough and strange abyss of time it's triple date over the swollen fear of panic.

    over the bypass of flight  Mona your thong  is a delight to the world's wonder it's ever honorific


over this twist of fate the rhyming reminder of better things ahead



Sunday, 20 December 2015

Jill then,


    Jill then, Mona , kicked her boots off,   off the boot she , and the amaze , the bulllike strings,

  of his neck, she fell face forward, the falling dress, and skirt heaped up on the  bed ,

  she moved into his closet,  st aying there a  long time living with him forever, and ever.


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

made .. the true


droffilc   & Her   made love almost  and   wanted to with
 her  big mama in her mantle

                   they'd a maybe   made love   &

             he would have cried out the true Oedipal word

                         in her arms crying round the dawn